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Silent Dweller


Igbo dibia at a masquerade dance, Nri-Awka Igbo

Onye Oji, Black as the Bluest Blue
Silent Dweller

Eze ndi isi oji
Onye oma, a god with starry eyes
My Beloved
Groom of all grooms
My King, Eze’m

Ogalanya (Shining and bright)

I bow before you Lord of the Worlds
Cosmic representative of truth and justice, ofo na ogu
Star traveler, mapping the way, taking us where we need to go


Obiri Jack mask (close-up) Ogbukele festival, Ekpafia Igbo

Eze Osetulu, Eze nke kachisi eze
You build the pyramids with your hands
Split the world in half
Spin the cosmic waters
Make matter out of words, okwu afa

Nna nke uwa, whose love is eternal
May we never forget our inheritance
We your chosen ones
Your eternal suns.

by Ebele Chizea

We Rise


by Ebele Chizea

Our father is the great rising Sun

Our mother, the serpent who birthed humankind

Records of our footprints reveal we have marched this way before

Who is our mother you may ask?

She is the energy in your spine, your back bone, the ground beneath your feet…

Our father is a wise king descended from a realm of gods

A city with numerous vortexes of light

He is known by some as The Dweller

He also dwells in our hearts

Which is why we smile so much

Even through the rain and the whirlwind

Through hunched backs and trepid movements

We dance & sing & make music…

By our stripes, the world was reborn into a new way of doing things;

Of loving, of expressing, of worship

More than that, the ones to come later were fed

Because of the great human sacrifice

That history shall never forget

Umu anwu (children of light) we were

And just like Anyanwu (the Sun), We rise

Just like our father

Who came before us

So that we may also live

And like our mother who bears witness in this breath of time.

The Village Bird


by Ebele Chizea 

A long time ago
in a land far, far away
I arose to distant hills
in translucent shades of blue
In the backdrop
Black birds soared
flapping their wings to the rhythm of their coos
They spread gossip about other towns
Grandma listened, nodded and suddenly went:

I only got the part about Emekuku
What happened at Emekuku?
Grandma’s lips were sealed
It was older people’s business

I long for the days when birds could talk
and we took the time to decipher
When chickens and goats co-existed with humans
on the front porch
Swearing away the heat
each in its own tongue
Longing for harmattan…

Sitting under moonlit skies
Listening to a particular tale of duality
as corn roasts with crackling sounds under the fire…

“udara mu cha nda cha cha cha nda…”
sniffling at the girl whose stepmother starved her
and who prays for the udara to ripe so she can eat

In a famine Udara dwarfs itself to feed girl
and grows infinitum when step mother sings to it

We cheer!

It’s bedtime

And with a belly filled with corn and ube
I move lethargically towards my mat
determined to rise early
to decode what the bird from Emekuku had said.

The Call


Royal Woman in the making 

Ezenwanyi reawaken

Royal woman

Open your veil and let your eyes behold your beauty

Light of Chukwu sacred gateway

Sing the:

Divine Mother tune

For …

She longs to bathe you with her sunlight

Wash your sorrows with rain

Adorn your crown with flowers

Delight your taste buds with her fruits

Dazzle you with her colors

Caress you with her winds

Make you walk on lushes of green

Lighten your steps to the tune of silence

Sing you lullabies in the coos of a bird

Reawaken your existence as the universe at play

Dance you daughters of God

Move your hips to the rhythm of the cosmos





The subjugations, the denials

The definitions, the sorrows

The incisions, the invasions, the blame

The censorship, the forced responsibilities, the lies




Other fixations

For your Queendom is finally at hand.

By Ebele Chizea


Ani Song


We are the children of Ani

The great mother of life

We are children swimming in the pool

Of her sacred rivers

We hop with the butterfly

Coo with the bird

Delight in the fragrance of flowers in bloom

We dig our feet deep in the sand

Play with ocean tides

Flap our arms against the wind

Pick up stones, wear or put them in jars

We climb tree branches

To perceive its secrets and wisdoms

Collected through the rings

Of time

We are not from here or there

We’ve existed before and forever will

We come time and time again

Because of love

And though we may be persecuted

Tried and refined by fire

We understand she is our friend

Together with water and air

We are the Kingdom of heaven

With all its riches buried within our hearts

We are the Queendom of earth

Come to manifestation

We are the children of Ani

The great mother of life

And our ammo is freedom

By Ebele Chizea