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Dim Ojukwu: First Amongst Equals


by Augustine C. Ohanwe

A huge gaping gap
Is left unfilled
And its implications so vast
And beyond the grasp of an ordinary man.

Dim Ojukwu weeps
As he glides along the eternal lane.
Yes, he weeps, for we are a mere flotsam
Inside a boat in a capricious sea of existence.

Yes he weeps
’cause our boat needs a rudder
And a compass
To direct it to the harbour to berthe

Is it not true
That when the iroko tree falls,
Dwarfs tighten their girdles
To climb over it.

But after death
Dim Ojukwu proved to be huger than life.
And our today’s leaders
Have lots to learn from him.

He did not come
To line up his pockets but to serve.
His vision was to transform
And to challenge the status quo

His action, born in response
To events manufactured by history
And he rendered his vision in the present tense
As to bring the future near to his people.

Call him a rebel,
And he would respond
That he had a cause,
A cause to meet the needs of his people.

His mind created metaphors,
Symbols, slogans and examples.
Yes, whatever his shortcomings,
His people did admire him till death.

And clouds yeilded up their lightenings
To be imprisoned in his political rod.
In darkest hour of our history,
He proved his meetles.

Rest in Peace

Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu

(November 4, 1933– November 26, 2011)

Ezeigbo (King of the Igbo)

Ikemba (Strength of the people) of Nnewi

Dikedioramma (Beloved hero of the masses)