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Note:  Works of fiction will provide you with a far more holistic understanding of Odinani and Omenala than non-fictional works will

“Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe
“No Longer at Ease” by Chinua Achebe
“Starbook” by Ben Okri
“After the Juju Man” by Chinwuba Iyizoba
“Akata Witch” by Nnedi Okoroafor (Book Review)
“Nri Warriors of Peace” by Chikodi Anunobi
“Nkenu the Igbo Yes-Bird” by John Umeh
“I Saw the Sky Catch Fire” by T. Obinkaram Echewa
“The Book of Dawn and Invocations” by Ogonna Agu
“Motherland Poems and Other Expressions” by Ebele Chizea
“Ödïnanï: The Igbo Religion” by Ezeana Emmanuel Anizoba (PDF Link)
“Towards an Igbo Metaphysics” by Emmanuel M. P. Edeh
“Ofo: Igbo Ritual Symbol” by Christopher Ejizu
“The Paragon of Civilization” by Sylvanus A. Enworom
“The Agwu Deity in Igbo Religion” by Jude Aguwa
“Traditional Igbo Beliefs & Practices” by Professor IK N Ogbukagu
“Studies in Ibo Political Systems: Chieftaincy and Politics in Four Niger States” by Ikenna Nzimiro
“The Awka People” by Amanke Okafor (PDF Link)
“A Handbook of African Religion & Culture” by Professor Udobata Onunwa
“My Africa” by Mazi Mbonu Ojike

Mark of Uru


Godfather (Parts 1-4)


Ikenga: The Great Warrior


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  1. Wow! This is a terrific list. I must share this with my friends.

    The more I read about Igbo tradition, the more fascinated I become. Previously most of my African explorations focused on Yoruba, Egypt, and the diaspora. Igbo is new to me, but a really terrific fit for my beliefs.

  2. This is a phenomenal list of works and I must say that I am glad to see African Godianism by my Grandfather Ahanyi KOK Onyioha. Thank you so much!

  3. I am so happy to see your site. I was born in the US but gave birth to an Igbo daughter who is now 16. Her father is strongly Christian and it pained me for her to not know so much about her traditional Igbo tradition. I am glad to see sights like this coming out.
    I have one more book I would like to recommend…
    The Water Goddess in Igbo Cosmology ….Ogbuide of Oguta Lake
    by Sabine Jell- Bahlsen

  4. An most impressing collection, I must say. I think you should include Christopher Okigbo’s Labyrinths With Path Of Thunder to complete the decorum. Well-thought up.

  5. I was happy to know that Africans had their religion before the Whiteman. This I found out from “The paragon of Civilization” by Sylvanus Enworom, where he described “Enyinjaism” as Egbuoma religion.

  6. I have been working on a project to build a good web site and mobile app that could be both a learning resource of the igbo tradition and spirituality and social networking for Igbo’s and people who want to learn more about igbo. I’m looking for a team, people like you for guidance and ideas to a finished project.


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