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Odinani Book Club: “Omenuko” by Pita Nwana


For the next Odinani book club pick, we will be reading the classic work “Omenuko” by Pita Nwana. Published in 1935, it was the first novel written in the Igbo language. Its available for free at this website. If you wish to participate in the Book Club discussion, please send an email to

Synopsis: Omenuko chronicles the true life story of a quintessential Igbo businessman, otherwise known as Chief Igwegbe Odum of Ndizuogu who lived between the 19th and 20th centuries. 

(Video) 4 Elements of the Human Soul – Igbo Mythology (reincarnation, purpose, divinity, spirit bonds, more)


This video shows the four spiritual elements that make the human soul according to Igbo spirituality. These are Chi, Eke, Mmuo and Onyeuwa. This is important to understand if you’re building a foundation in Odinani (Igbo Cosmology/Spirituality), and to add insight on the nature of the human soul. This video also touches on how to determine your destiny, predestination, how reincarnation works in the Igbo world view, and how these parts work together to make you who you are.