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Relaunch of Odinani Book Club: “Efuru” by Flora Nwapa


Today we are announcing the relaunch of the Odinani Book Club. As we have stated in the past, fiction is one of the best ways to get a more holistic understanding of Odinani. Every month we will select a book to read and will alternate between classic works and more contemporary ones.

For this relaunch we will return to “Efufu” by Flora Nwapa. Published in 1966, it was the first novel written by a Nigerian woman to be published. Feel free to purchase the book below, or rent it from the library. If you wish to participate in the Book Club discussion, please send an email to

Summary: Efuru is a beautiful, superior woman, who cannot marry or have children successfully. Her neighbors acknowledge her distinctions, are grateful for her generosity, but cannot intervene in or comprehend her tragedy. A sage diagnoses that a river goddess has in fact chosen Efuru as her honored worshipper. So far as earthly companions are concerned she must remain alone…