Ani Song


We are the children of Ani

The great mother of life

We are children swimming in the pool

Of her sacred rivers

We hop with the butterfly

Coo with the bird

Delight in the fragrance of flowers in bloom

We dig our feet deep in the sand

Play with ocean tides

Flap our arms against the wind

Pick up stones, wear or put them in jars

We climb tree branches

To perceive its secrets and wisdoms

Collected through the rings

Of time

We are not from here or there

We’ve existed before and forever will

We come time and time again

Because of love

And though we may be persecuted

Tried and refined by fire

We understand she is our friend

Together with water and air

We are the Kingdom of heaven

With all its riches buried within our hearts

We are the Queendom of earth

Come to manifestation

We are the children of Ani

The great mother of life

And our ammo is freedom

By Ebele Chizea


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  1. Why in god’s name is her hair like that???

    Are we now ashamed of our real African Goddess mother and
    ashamed of African hair??

    Do we secretly WISH that our Igbo mothers were White Women with
    FLOWING European textured hair?

    Is the author a Skin Bleacher or something?

    Why are these images OK with us? Why is there not a single African mother
    speaking up about the images we feed to our children?

    The PHOTO ruins the whole purpose of the poem. Completely ruins it!

    Kola Boof

    • The author had nothing to do with the image, it was me who added it, not because I feel that its a perfect representation but because its one of the few modern works of art that portray the Igbo Earth Mother. After more people learn about Ani and what she represents, we know that they will produce art that will portray her in a more appropriate manner.

  2. Onyemobi,

    Why not just post a photo of a real Igbo woman from an actual Igbo village?

    This portrait is a disgrace! It looks nothing like the Igbo people and I doubt that
    supporting it will lead “other future artists” to paint a more realistic representation.
    If anything, she will probably get lighter with even straighter hair as the degradation
    of African looks continues to grow unchecked.

    I couldn’t enjoy the poem because of the insulting image and I am speaking for
    many others who aren’t willing to speak up. It’s very “cartoonish” to see this image
    portrayed as an ANCIENT Nigerian goddess.

    You should have posted a photo of an Igbo woman working in the village so
    that it would actually mean something to us–to all Africans.

  3. OH MY GOD!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

    This is so beautiful Onyemobi!!!

    God Bless you, Beautiful Igbo!

    I love this now! Posting to my FACEBOOK!

  4. Lol this is Me (the son of Ani)
    I am Ani
    I breath Ani
    Ani gave life to me

    Lovely piece of poetry by Ebele thumbs up!!! Its thus make me proud of been the son of Ani.

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