The Call


Royal Woman in the making 

Ezenwanyi reawaken

Royal woman

Open your veil and let your eyes behold your beauty

Light of Chukwu sacred gateway

Sing the:

Divine Mother tune

For …

She longs to bathe you with her sunlight

Wash your sorrows with rain

Adorn your crown with flowers

Delight your taste buds with her fruits

Dazzle you with her colors

Caress you with her winds

Make you walk on lushes of green

Lighten your steps to the tune of silence

Sing you lullabies in the coos of a bird

Reawaken your existence as the universe at play

Dance you daughters of God

Move your hips to the rhythm of the cosmos





The subjugations, the denials

The definitions, the sorrows

The incisions, the invasions, the blame

The censorship, the forced responsibilities, the lies




Other fixations

For your Queendom is finally at hand.

By Ebele Chizea



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  1. this a rich information,,,,,,i know about it before now…..trying to do what i can to open peoples eyes to the knowledge of non judgmental truth .

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