“Ancient Dibia” by Nnedi Okonnachi-Obasi


By Nnedi Okonnachi-Obasi

Dibia (WIP) by Sugabelly

Dibia (WIP) by Sugabelly

A messenger of the gods
A mediator and a peacemaker
He was between the world and the other side
He consults for those that are worried
He mediates for those that are in dispute
Whenever he moves around
Know that the gods have a message
A message for peace
A message for the good to come.


A messenger of the gods
A prophet, came to warn us
He was between the continent and the other side
He said that the gods are sad
We would turn our backs on them
The peace we ever knew will go
The unity we ever had will change
Our happiness will change
We should never lose our talent
We should remember where we come from
And be proud for who we are.


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  3. True,I must say with deep sincerity that we have left our ancestral heritage , culture and tradition, to follow what we don’t know. And awakening is the message being preached, but it seems not feasible. Chukwu is angry with us just as the gods too.

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