Chukwu Bu Ulidereuwa: Odinala, Igbo Antiquity and the Esoteric Roots of Human Expressions


by Nze Izo Omenigbo

“Anyanwu rie asaa kwuru,

Ala ejiri Edeuli kwado ya” 

If the Sun consumes seven and survives,

The Earth will back it with Uli expressions”

—Igbo Mystical Axiom

Igbo Uli

The Expression of the Sacred in Igbo Culture

The nature of expression (divine/sacred, mundane, mystical, occult and aesthetic) in Igbo culture is captured in many well-known Igbo proverbs. The following three examples are very key in this particular sense, “Onye n’akwa nka na adu ihu: the artist/craft-adept often appears to wear a frown in the process of their work”, “Edeala mara mma bu umeala onye dere ya: the beauty of Edeala sacred expression lies in the calmness of its scribe” and “Ube nkiti nwa nnunu bere n’ohia bu izu mmuo gbaara Dibia: the most simple expression of a bird is wisdom to the Dibia—coming from the spirit world”.

In all three axioms, it can be observed that a certain trait appears to be deep rooted in the traditional Igbo mind, and this is the act of often equating mundane observations with spiritual/phenomenal origins/qualities. To the contemporary mind, of course, this will seem ridiculous. However, in many provable ways, this pattern of understanding has been recognized as a major intellectual catalyst in some of the world’s earliest artistic/scribal traditions and societies.

In pre-modern times—contrary to conventional notions—there were at least four existing Igbo scripts, these were Edeala, Uli, Ukara and Nsibiri/Nsibidi. There is no known single origin of the scribal tradition in Igbo culture and most of the available accounts are heavily couched in myths as is the tradition; the better part of which are reserved for the highest initiates. However, some of these mythic narrations (given their heavy roles in the enculturation process of the general society) were often modified by the priests and passed on to the community griots—who later narrated these stories to the young/old of the society.

Court Record written in Nsibidi script

Also, significant of mention is the existence of many other cult symbol scripts, many of which are yet to be written down or even conventionally known. In a nut shell, it’s a well-accepted fact (at least within honest academic circles) that the scribal tradition has its roots in Africa. Yet often than not, there have also been adverse arguments as to whether such preserved/discovered inscriptions are of direct/literal or symbolic orientations; in other words, if they qualify as “writings” as we understand them today. Needless to say, this approach of judgment is highly biased; since strictly speaking, most ancient societies understood human expression—and expression generally—to be symbolic in its primary nature.

Resolvedly, most of the less esoteric cult teachings of the time were expressed through highly complex symbol systems—from which originated some of the mundane writing traditions of the modern world. Therefore any attempt to understand the communicative modes of ancient societies without an initial, dedicated understanding of their worldview—as concisely shown here—is erroneous by default. In the course of this discourse, insights will be drawn from two of such mythic narrations. As well, few snippets will be equally utilized from one of the aforementioned esoteric myths.


The Principle of the “First Word” in Igbo Cosmology

The archetypal Igbo society held that words were so potent that one must ensure to count their “teeth with their tongue” before or after any question. It is an advice for one to find out something for oneself, especially when one is indulging in self deceit and is seeking for answers from some other person instead of self-reflection. Usually the person advicing will say “i choro ka m gwa gi ya; were ire gi guo eze gi onu–Do you expect me to tell it to you? Count your teeth with your tongue.” However, in dealing with written expressions, the potency inevitably doubles, since the idea being communicated will now (supposedly) outlive its author. There is also the mystical tradition of “the first word” i.e. okwu izizi. In many ways, this ancient principle encapsulates—in totality—the Igbo cosmic orientation of life in relation to the Divine. The mystery of the first word is well illuminated in the classical Igbo tale about the journey that was undertaken by the Dog (Nkita) and the Tortoise (Mbekwu Nwa Aniga).

Dog and Tortoise

In this tale, it is held that the Dog and the Tortoise were both sent by humans to deliver two important messages to Chukwu; from which will be determined whether human beings will live to achieve immortality or die at a certain age. To the Dog was given the message of immortality, while the Tortoise was given the message of impermanence. As they both set out for Chukwu’s house, the Dog—priding itself with its ability of swiftness—was said to have stopped several times along the way to sleep, scout for bones or even a mating partner, while the persevering Tortoise continued on its path, undistracted. In the end, the classic endurance of the Tortoise led it to Chukwu’s house, long before the Dog—who was outraced during its many short breaks to sleep or explore the road sides.

Hence, Mbekwu Nwa Aniga (the Tortoise) delivered its message of “Death for the Humans” and thus was the mystery of death introduced into human life. Of course, the Dog did arrive later on—totally convinced that it was the first to reach Chukwu’s house, only to be told that “Chukwu and the Spirit World” does not accept second “Words”. Hence originated the Igbo mystical phrase “okwu izizi erugo be Chukwu: the first word has reached God’s house”.

From this particular tale, a great deal of Igbo cosmological principles dealing with expressions—can be illuminated.  Firstly, there is the duality of life as represented by the two choice animals. The principle of duality remains a core aspect of Igbo life and spiritual practices till this very day. And then there is the principle of pre-duality or unified existence. In other words, creation: although dual in nature proceeds from a unified point of One. Hence, the Dog was told that Chukwu and the Spirit World do not accept the second “Word”. The second word here symbolizes physical creation, realized in the sacred number Two.

Also, there is the principle of Uncontrolled Motion/Chaos and Controlled Motion/Order. Both principles were symbolized in the specific choice of animals used in the narration; where the Dog’s undisciplined swiftness stood for chaotic motion and the disciplined fortitude of the Tortoise stood for ordered motion. Both principles were further made potent in their meanings by the messages that both animals were meant to deliver. In the case of the Dog (embodied chaos) the message was immortality (unending spiritual enlightenment), while for the Tortoise (embodied order) the message was impermanence (interrupted spiritual enlightenment).

Chaos Star

The Spiritual and Aesthetic Potency of Human Expressions

As the Dog was late to reach Chukwu’s house, it then resulted that human life (as a mortal opportunity for spiritual learning) will be eternally teased with the mystical potency of Ndu Ebi-Ebi (Everlasting Life/Immortality). Just as the delivered message of the Tortoise meant that human beings (indeed all creations) will be forever bound to the physical responsibility of observing/maintaining Divine order.

This dual expression most likely gave rise to such classical Igbo thoughts as “okirikiri k’eji ari ukwu ose: the pepper tree is only climbed by means of cautious encirclement” and “nwayo-nwayo k’eji aracha ofe di oku: a hot soup can only be consumed gently”. Furthermore, the Dog symbolism is equally characteristic of the archetypal Ego (the precarious pride that originated with the Dog’s knowledge of its swift abilities). While the Tortoise in this sense, symbolizes the Super Ego (the self-regulating aspect of us that strives for perfection and orderliness). Although, this last feature is essentially interpretational, the instructional nature of the original tale however supports its validity.

In a sense then, it can be observed that the Igbo worldview fundamentally perceives human expressions/expressions generally as a holistic exercise. Indeed, the greater implication of this conviction is that no expression of creation/life is devoid of meaning and no human expression is devoid of sense; regardless of how “senseless” that expression might seem. This notion is well established by another ancient Igbo principle (stemming from another mythic account) which holds that Chukwu created the world using two words, Ọm and Om.

“Om” written in Devanāgari

These two Divine expressions, according to ancient Igbo mystics, became “The Two Sacred Words” i.e. Okwu abuo Chukwu ji were ke uwa”. Again, the basic notion here is duality—but specifically this time; duality dealing with the two Igbo mystical principles of Akwu na Obi (Stillness and Motion). It is remarkable to note that these two principles unified, remains one of the most utilized and infinitely explored of all Igbo mystery teachings. The “Two Sacred Words” as explored in another Igbo mystery cult is also held as the “Two Primordial Sounds”. In this respect, it expresses one of the most esoterically studied of all Divine expressions i.e. sound. In Igbo mystery circles, the naturally produced human-sound (phonetically molded continuously from birth, eventually condensed into a specific lingual form as the child matures) is held to be a mystery of its own. Hence, the ancients explored it in a separate, dedicated cult where its latent creative powers were synthesized for use in invocations, spiritual chants and several forms of oracular practices.

It can therefore be noted that the mystical/occult potencies of human expressions (in a very broad and in-depth sense) have always occupied a place of great significance in Igbo mystery traditions as well as, Igbo culture proper. In this sense, ancient Igbo mystics, after much in-depth observations, were able to ascertain that our voiced expressions do not merely stem from some innate human tendencies to communicate archetypal emotions, as is conventionally held today. But rather, every word we utter and each syllabic expression thereof is actually a released potency. The same goes for aesthetic/artistic expressions; as all forms of human articulations are essentially generated from one point of activity in the mind and charged forth with spiritual potency—at the point of release, whether consciously meant or otherwise.

It is for this great reason that another ancient Igbo axiom maintains that “okwu Igbo/uke bu n’ilu n’ilu: the Igbo language/cult communication is expressed through aphorisms”. Suffice it to say that the ancients well-considered the potency of their expressions/language (indeed the Igbo language in this case) apparently too heavy for any mere direct conveyance of ideas; given the possibility of unanticipated manifestations resulting from careless utterances. Hence, their language/voiced expressions had to be communicated by means of proverbs and indirect insinuations, colored once in a while by plain riddles and chants. Remarkably, this pattern of communication is still observed by the Afa, Mmonwu, Ekpe and Agwu cults (some other Igbo cults inclusive) till today.

It is also interesting to note that even the non-human naming tradition also followed this principle in the past. So that animals, trees, mountains, rivers and other forms of creation were not merely named through direct articulations of their perceivable essences. Rather, it was through a metaphorical intellection of their place in the greater scale of life that their names were articulated. For instance, the Chameleon (in Igbo culture) didn’t get its name from its immediate perceivable characteristic of rapid coloration. Instead, its name “Ogwumagana” literally translates as “If it sinks, I shall not step”. Hence, the name metaphorically denotes the ancient belief among the Igbo that the Chameleon was created at a time when the Earth was still wet. Thus it literally had to enquire from Ala (The Earth Goddess) before making each step, lest it sinks.

Also interesting is the fact that the Chameleon is sacred to Ogwugwu, an Igbo fertility Goddess. The name “Ogwugwu” also denotes a hole or the act of digging. Remarkably, conventional science has been able to determine that matter is basically a hole dug by sub-atomic propellants in space (ether). Therefore, the obvious connection between the Chameleon and this Goddess—as was long established by ancient Igbo mystics—not only preceded modern scientific thought, but unlike the latter, was more clearly expressed and aptly symbolized; so much so that even a youngster could grasp the concept. This tradition, so obeyed, extended even into the designation/articulation of numerical principles, planetary bodies and highly abstract undertakings such as astronomical calibrations.

Furthermore, the aesthetic principle of expression in Igbo culture is also embodied in the aforementioned Uli body-painting/inscribing tradition. The Edeuli or Uli, for short, is a sacred, linear-oriented body-inscribing aesthetic employed by women in pre-contemporary Igbo society. It’s highly attractive and intricately executed expressions were regarded deeply by women and young girls—even beyond the Igbo cultural area. Among other things, it is also a key feature of the Ala (Earth Goddess) cult.

Uli mystical writing (from “Afterr God is Dibia”)

Conclusively, as the name of this discuss states, “Chukwu bu Ulidereuwa: God embodies the Divine Script through which all creation was expressed”. In other words, the expressive nature of Chukwu as the primal aesthetist, as the most accomplished author that will ever be, as the first and original artist of all creative forms that ever was, is and will ever exist—is here underscored. From the ongoing, it is not only made clear that the tradition of expression in Igbo culture is apparently complex in both scope and depth, but also, the inexhaustible nature of indigenous knowledge preserved in Igbo culture is equally made evident here.

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  1. Brilliant Post: Unfortunately Igbo People In The Majority Have No Clue Of These ACCOUNTS,Prefering ~be-ke(truncated-abridgements) Of The ~O:Yi-Bo(Cold/Heartless-INTERLOPER) As Their Intellectual-Fuel Guided By ILLUSIONS & GHOSTS/GOD Cult Homocide-Commercial Cultures=RELIGIONS That Have Been Used By The Ashihori To Rob, Loot & Murder Igbos For Their GAIN, Listing Igbo As Nonsencial As They Tried To Break, The MATHEMATICAL-CODES Of Igbo, That Cause SPACE & TIME, Unifying NUMBERS, GENETICS & LANGUAGE-CODES From Its SPACE-TIME-DIALECT!

    After, 60 Years Of The CAUCASIAN(Deteriorating-Asian) Telling Igbo People How To Speak Their Own LANGUAGE, With ORTHOLOGY-OVERWRITES, Overlaying Igbo With Their Oyibo CORRUPT Schooling Curriculums, Igboz Think That Igbo Is RETARDED, Perceiving 419 On Igbo As Mystical.



    • YOU WROTE: am learning so much from this blog

      Ok. Cool.

      Here’s Something This Blog Is Stating:

      “If the Sun consumes seven and survives, The Earth will back it with Uli expressions”

      THIS IS PURE SCIENCE WITH FLUX-NUMBERS. It Appears Mystical Because Igboz No Longer Understand The Science Of Numbers Fluxing SPACE & TIME Within The Cosmological%COSMOGONY Constants Of Space-Time For Which Igboz Were Brilliant Masters. Why? NUMBERS Are Our PURE Culture Throughout Afraka, Not God/Ghost Cretin-Hood. We Never Had Religion-Nonsense.

      Now For The Expression: The Number 7=9 & Fluxes…What Does The Magnetic-PULSE Of ‘7’ Cause To The Sun? The Caucasian Doesn’t Know The Answer. But Igbo Knows Because The ‘i’, ‘Gb’ & ‘o’ Cause A Specific Transmission Of DNA-Data….Igboz Better Wake Up & We Are…As For The Rest…They Will Follow The White-Man: Genocide-Fool To Hell!

  2. Yet the heart (Obi) often is said to know, to hide or tell information. There is a classic proverb to the effect that: Obi anagh awo nna ya ochie uka: the heart will not deny information to its grandfather. Here the grandfather is the Onwethe self. The expression is used to extort hidden information from a close relation on the basis of the assumption that there can be no secrets when relations are so close, just as the heart keeps no secrets from the self to whom it is so close. This shows that the Obi (heart) reveals and confesses to the self whatever it knows, that the Obi is itself not the self or Onwe, but relates to the Onwe (self) as child to grandfather, and that it is the Onwe that is the core of the self.

    • I:Gb~0: Our CULTURE is NUMBERS…not particle WHITE:gods/goths/male-arrogance 666-myths that have no basis in reality for the caucasians alter ego for their thefts genocide.

      The sound ~i:gb:o is a ma’at-tematikal flux that confirms induces and transitions space & time through prime clicks and odd numbers that confirms nature’s codex. ie Asa-Ato=8; which is 3 to the power of 7 transitions into 9 that witnesses genetic DNA cycles that exist in space & time as well as for man & woman. Chu:Kw:u is nothing more than the MASCULINE principle of S & T, Nachi/Nature itself, while the Chi:Ne:ke is the denominating feminine principle. Think about it.

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  4. Nice One, please Igbo cosmology is urgently needed to be included into our education curriculum to counter imported religious mental chain enslavement of our children.

  5. Nice blog atleast now our people are getting to know more about their root. The PROBLEM is that ogwugwu was the patron deity of my community he is nt a GODDESS his consort is ODO/UDO

      • Ogwugwu=NUMBERS; 0={1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9,8} :


        0=(e)fu; 1=(0)fu; 2=(a)bo; 3=(a)to; 4=a(no); 5=(i)se; 6=(i)sii; 7=(a)sa; 9=(I)te-ghi-te; 8=(a)sa-(a)to. {btw: asaa-ato = 3,7 confirms Base-8 flux is the universal counting system carrying DECIMAL (7,3)}

        0=fu-fu-bo-to-no-se-sii-sa-te:sa-to when connected gives you the SINE-WAVE/TRANSVERSE WAVE FLEX of CARBON that is 666 = your HAIR-SPIRAL.

        The Caucasian thinks that AFRAKANS have many Go:ds & gave each fRACTAL NUMBER a position of a mystical diety-god-whatever…NICE OF THEM…BUT THEIR STUPIDITY IS MISPLACED…The SOUND: Go:d has nothing to do with TRANSVERSE WAVES or CARBON…Go:d is the Sound ENERGY MAKES when it’s FORCES have expired to go-RAVITY! Go:d is not CHU:KWU that is not Chi:NE:KE!


        Gods & Goddesses are mystical: YOU MUST THINK FORCES:

        The Formula of this VOLUME SPACE: is 3,7: Asa-ato.




        Our ancestors gave us the CODE to deal with the CAUCASIAN: THEIR DNA MATRICULATION SOUND IS O:YI(n)BO = FALSE-IMAGE-NUMERATOR!

  6. Interesting:

    MODERATOR has removed my Ogwuguwu= COUNTING NUMBERS POST to remain in the false gods and goddesses DOMAIN…tut tut!!!!

    WHAT FREQUENCIES ARE dibia’s gods & goddesses operating on? WHAT’S THE CODE?


    If dibia’s are communicating, i-dl like to know your FREQUENCY of communication? Why?


  7. Eze,
    Really enjoyed your posts brother. You have posted a lot of information regarding what I have been thinking and resonating with. How can I find out more? I have long suspected the frequencies etc, especially you mentioned spiral connection of our hair (we are more than just our hair). Western world (caucasians) acknowledging Igbo’s (and other African countries also) as lost tribes of Israel. Do you have any info on this. I have recently found amazing facts regarding the Igbo’s, excited to learn more. One Love and Peace, my brother.

  8. Awesome post! Actually, I was trying to gather few stuffs to explain someone asking for mysteries of Odinala, and eventually I stumbled on this post which will not only be helpful, but as well be explanatory to aid that in my further observations.
    I will use this info but will sure make the reference.
    Thank you!

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